LinkedIn is as confused about what I do as everyone else

Often when I meet people, they ask me what I do.

The challenge is, there is no easy answer to that question. I advise companies and non-profits on strategy, I do advocacy work and serve as an expert on open-innovation, open government and open data, I also work a negotiation consultant and mediator, I do some work with open source communities around community management, and then there are about another dozen projects and boards that I sit on.

In reality, my work actually does tie together quite nicely, just not in a “this is my job title” kind of way. I also feel bad about the confusion. It doesn’t feel polite to take 5-10 minutes to explain one’s career and frankly, from a business development perspective, it isn’t very savvy. It’s part of the reason why I created the venn diagram at the bottom of this page.¬†So people could see how my the different parts of my work relate to one another (or at least how I think they relate to one another – and yes, I should update it).

So it was somewhat fun to get this email from LinkedIn about jobs I may be interested in. I appear to have them vexed, or at least confused. I mean check out these jobs! What a mix! If only I WERE qualified for all of them.

The coolest one, by far, is the Chief Administration Officer for the Musqueam Nation. But I’m definitely scrambling LinkedIn’s¬†algorithms. Will be interesting to see if/how they evolve to produce results that likely make more sense.

I’ve never thought of myself as a underground mining engineer…

Linkedin Jobs

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