Lazy Journalist Revealer. This. Is. Awesome.

Everybody keeps thinking that transparency and improved access to content is something that is only going to affect government, or, maybe some corporations.

I’ve tried to argue differently in places like this blog post and in Taylor and I’s chapter in The New Journalist.

Here’s a wonderful example of how new tools could start to lay more bare the poor performance of many newspapers in actually reporting news and not simple regurgiatating press releases.

Check out the site – called – that allows you to compare any UK news story against a database of UK press releases. Brilliant!

Wish we had one of these here in North America.

Found this via the Future Journalism Project, which also links to a story on the Guardian website.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Journalist Revealer. This. Is. Awesome.

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  2. Pierre-Antoine Ferron

    Wow! Who did this? Is the software open source? What a nice tool to find lazy communicators (i’ve been in the business for 25 years).

  3. Anonymous

    It will of course expose more than laziness. Things like screening and other “target audience” biases. Then let’s compare the German and UK and US and CDN way of telling a story. And then hold on to your chair.


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