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A public policy entrepreneur, open government activist and negotiation expert, David is retained by several governments to advise on open government and open data, and advises businesses and nonprofits on open source strategies and community management. He is an affiliate with the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard University, where he is looking at issues surrounding the politics of data, as well as how negotiation theory can help improve online community management.

If you are interested in having David give a talk, his speaking engagements are handled through the Lavin Agency.

Public Policy Entrepreneur

David writes on open innovation, public policy, public service sector renewal, open source and network systems. He posts several times a week on his blog, publishes regularly in various forums including TechPresident, the Toronto Star, and written numerous chapters such as his piece in the O’Reilly Media book on Open Government. He is also frequently invited to speak on these issues, as well as on open government, policy making, negotiation and strategy, to executives, policymakers, and students. You can find a list of David’s past and upcoming keynotes and speeches here.

Some of my favourite recent work and volunteers activities include:

Open Activist

In 2009, as an adviser to the Office of the Mayor of Vancouver on Open Government and Open Data David helped draft the Open Motion. Today he advises a number of government at the local, provincial/state, national and international levels on open data and open government, helping them craft strategies as well as execute implementation plans.

In addition to working with politicians and government officials, David engages programmers and citizens at the local and national level to make use of, and advocate for, more open and transparent government. He frequently writes and is invited to speak on how open source methodologies and open data can help make government more effective and efficient.


As a negotiation consultant David advises companies, non-profits and advocacy groups on their critical negotiations. He has developed and helped implement collaborative strategies for open source communities and Fortune 500 companies as they seek to maximize the value they generate with community members, partners, alliance members, customers, and suppliers. His work has taken him across North America and around the world in a range of industries including financial services, health-care, information technology, and the energy sector.

He served as a negotiation advisor to a coalition of environmental government organizations during almost 2 years of negotiations with the Forestry Products Association of Canada (FPAC). This negotiation produced the groundbreaking Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. Since the agreement’s signing David serve as a mediator and facilitator on critical implementation committees. More recently he trained all of Greenpeace Internationals climate change activists in America, Europe and Asia.


David lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in history at Queen’s University and a Master’s of International Relations at Oxford. He is a former Sauvé Scholar at McGill University and an Action Canada Fellow.

David can be reached by email here.

Below is a map of what I work on and think about – a number of friends and colleagues have found it helpful.

My Life

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