In the Media

I’ve just started to flesh this out… but here are some links to mentions, quotes and recent interviews I’ve done in the press and so forth:

Evan Soloman’s Power & Politics – I’m a fairly regular guest pundit on politics and technology, ongoing.

Analysts and stakeholders weigh in on legislation – Toronto Star Intelligence Unit Publication 26/11/2010

Access watchdog Legault pushes for Australian strategy – article by Kristen Shane in the Hill Times. (22/11/2010)

Outrage over PS severance hits the Internet – article by Kathryn May in the Ottawa Citizen. (13/11/2010)

It’s easy to dig up dirt online – article by Kate Dubinski in the London Free Press (12/11/2010)

Skeptical voters wary of federal Liberals’ transparency plans – article by Barbara Yaffe in the Vancouver Sun (26/10/2010)

Quelques facteurs clefs de succès pour une politique d’opendata – article by Antoine Bayet in Regards sur le Numerique. (04/10/2010)

Mission critical: IT systems renewal – article by Thom Kearney and Christopher McBean in Canadian Government Executive Magazine (03/10/2010)

Is an oilsands truce possible? – article by Sheila Pratt in the Edmonton Journal. The Negotiation experts she is referring to is me… (03/10/2010)

Lac Carling Q&A with David Eaves on the state of Open Government – Video interview by Jennifer Kavur of IT World Canada. (17/6/2010)

Open Data in Government – Video interview by Steve Ressler of GovLoop. (14/6/2010)

Referenced by Suzanne Legault, The Information and Privacy Commissioner references Globe piece “If you won’t tell us about our MPs, we’ll do it for you” in her testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information,Privacy and Ethics. (29/4/2010)

Have social media and technology changed the way Canadians get news? – Interview by Goldhawk on CPAC’s Goldhawk Live. (18/4/2010)

CBC Radio’s The House – The Information and Privacy Commissioner references this post on about how excessive delay in releasing information is tantamount to censorship. (17/4/2010)

Referenced by Suzanne Legault, The Information and Privacy Commissioner references this post on (and an earlier presentation I made to the Commission) in her testimony before the House of Commons. (13/4/2010)

Canada makes Parliament accessible online – Article by QMI Agency in The Toronto Sun. (17/4/2010)

Explaining Open Government – Interview with Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda. (YouTube, iTunes) (15/4/2010)

PS must embrace Web 2.0 tools: report – Article by Kathryn May (sadly the online version is very abbreviated and does not have the quote) in the Ottawa Citizen, 10/4/2010.

Need city data? Nope. There’s no app for that – Article by Neco Cockburn, 8/3/2010.

No Such Thing as Journalists – Interview by Jesse Brown for Search Engine on TVO, 5/1/2010.

The Dark Country – Article by Gil Shochat in The Walrus, 1/1/2010.

VanTrash and the Open Data – Interview by Nora Young for Spark on CBC, 18/10/2009.

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