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Government Sponsoring Anti-Abortion March?

So much going on right now – tons to share on the Mozilla debate, the APEX conference, and the government bans on Facebook – will be getting to it all next week. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this:

I was in Ottawa yesterday (May 10th) and ran headlong into the annual March for Life.

Politics around the issue aside (I’m pro-marching for what you believe in – whatever you believe) I was surprised to see that the big 30 foot long “March for Life” banners at the front of the march had the Government of Canada logo on them.

You, know, this logo:

Gov of Can logo

Is the government of Canada sponsoring anti-abortion groups? Normally you use this logo if you receive government funding. Not sure what the rules are around government funding political advocacy groups? Anybody know?

Alternatively, maybe the march’s organizing body just grabbed the logo and slapped it on its banners? Is this logo trademarked? Is this a trademark violation? Although I somehow suspect that no one at Justice is getting all that excited about it.

Either way, it is interesting…

Hanging with Snoop Dog and Ice Cube in Ottawa

I was in Ottawa this weekend with Robin Anawak to present to the Millennium Scholarship Foundation’s laureates on the challenges faced by the Inuit in Nunavut. The laureates are smart and engaging so these conferences are always interesting and fun. There were numerous highlights, including a keynote by Tzeporah Berman, who charted her path from Carmanah Valley activist to founder of ForestEthics, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve industry practices by leveraging market forces.

Hilariously and unexpectedly though, was that I ended up sharing a hotel with Snoop Dog and Ice Cube who were in Ottawa for a concert (while I’m admittedly not an avid rap fan, I thought Barbershop was one of the funniest movies of 2002). The entourage of both stars were unbelievable polite and friendly. Indeed, it was great to see gangsta rappers in camouflage jackets and small town visitors in cardigans fall over themselves while trying to let the other into the elevator first.

The highlight moment though was eating breakfast at the table next to Snoop Dog’s uncle who regaled the waiter and I with stories about Snoop’s youth. Best of all was hearing how he used to change Snoop and the gang’s diapers. Somehow the world feels simpler and better knowing that even the Snoop Dog once had his diapers changed…

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