The DOW and Model Powers in Afghanistan

Modeling Power in Afghanistan?

For those interested in Canada and Afghanistan do read Graeme Smith’s piece, “Doing it the Dutch Way in Afghanistan” in Saturday’s Globe and Mail. The Dutch have (apparently) been posted to a rough part of Afghanistan but have yet to suffer a casualty. All this is thanks to a novel strategy… treating the locals well and co opting the local power elite. Some of it may be luck, but it definitely deserves a look into by our boys over at DND. Certainly makes the piece Harper co-authored with Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende in last week’s Globe and Mail a more interesting read. Our strategies may be aligned but our tactics aren’t…

Failing to follow the US economy DOWn:

On a different note, my brother and I had a long conversation on Sunday and he pointed out something quite very interesting… why does the DOW continue to rally despite a stream of (fairly) depressing economic news out of the US? His thought: a significant portion of revenues earned by DOW listed companies now come from overseas operations. Consequently, these corporations are increasingly insulated from the US economic cycle (obviously this has its limits, a collapsing US economy would sink us all). Nonetheless, if true, he posited that the DOW may no longer be a good indicator of the US economy. Maybe the US economy is in worse shape then we think… we just don’t know where to look for the evidence??? Thanks bro.

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