wireless number portability

So I may have simply been out of the loop but… did anybody else see this CRTC statement announcing that, as of March 14th 2007, wireless phone numbers will be portable? This means that when you switch from Bell to Rogers or Telus (or vice-versa) you can take your current phone number with you. Great news! For those thinking about renewing your contract you may want to wait two months, that way if you change service providers you won’t have to deal with the hassle of informing everyone about your new number.

Maybe I’ve been in a bubble, but I’m not sure word of this has gotten out. With this issue now out of the way what the teleco industry really needs to heat up is for skype to offer its SkypeIn service in Canada. Sadly, that ball is in Skype’s court and there is no sign of any movement.

PS – Thank you Sahar for the link

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