Online debates

Who knew a comment piece about Vimy and the Peace Prize would lead to a debate about whether or not Angola was Cuba’s Vietnam? Less difficult to understand (although perhaps only somewhat) is the debate about whether Pearson would be in the Conservative Party if he were alive today.

Finally, one highlight moment is when “Popeye Dillion” tries to refute my friend Robin Anawak (who unlike Popeye uses his full real name in the online discussion) by stating “Asif, you and Robin must be ‘newbies’ to this country…”

The top 10 hits of a google search of Robin’s name all refer to him. In three of these, the two sentence summary under the link indicates he is Inuit. Yes, you don’t even have to go to the webpages.

Robin is no newcomer, his family has been here longer then almost all of ours… but more importantly, why did it matter in the first place?

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