Millennium Villages

I few months ago I blogged about how I’m a big fan of the millennium village concept.

This week, Jeffrey Sachs published this update in Time Magazine about how small changes in one such village are cascading into larger successes by plugging the desperately poor into the global economy. It’s evidence of how getting regions onto the first rung of the economic development ladder can lead to growth, stability and success.

Last time I gave a donation to the millennium villages as a father’s day gift – those who have a reason to give (or those without a reason, but contemplating it anyways) can find out more here.

2 thoughts on “Millennium Villages

  1. Mark McCormack

    Yes! We are planning on getting our 30,000 students at the University of Alberta Canada to implement a $10-$15 fee to sponsor an entire millennium village and spread this as an example of turning student support from words to action.


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