Europe as Model Power…

So it appears that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only person reading Canada25 reports. British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, gave a speech entitled “Europe 2030: Model Power Not Superpower.”

Ring a bell? In 2004 Canada25 published From Middle to Model Power: Recharging Canada’s Role in the World.

A brief excerpt from Miliband speech:

The EU is not and never will be a superpower. An EU of 27 nation states or more is never going to have the fleetness of foot or the fiscal base to dominate. In fact economically and demographically Europe will be less important in the world of 2050 that it was in the world of 1950.

Our opportunity is different. The EU has the opportunity to be a model power.

It can chart a course for regional cooperation between medium-sized and small countries. Through its common action, it can add value to national effort, and develop shared values amidst differences of nationality and religion. As a club that countries want to join, it can persuade countries to play by the rules, and set global standards. In the way it dispenses its responsibilities around the world, it can be a role model that others follow.

This speech is intended to set out the basis of such progress.

Thank you Peter M. for the tip!

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