a fashion link on eaves.ca?

Yes, it shocked even me – I have a post on fashion. And women’s fashion to boot!

The other week I was in Banff conducting a negotiation workshop and one of the client representatives who (literally) made the event possible had this hand bag (pictured to the right). I thought it to be quite cool. Not only was it fashionable but it was both environmentally friendly and the art work was done by her husband.

The bag is manufactured by a company called Little Earth Productions. All the materials used are recycled from other products. For example, the strap on the bag pictured to the right is made from old tires.

For guys looking to give that ultimate purse/bag to their women, they also have a line of bags with NHL or NFL logos on them. It’s a special kind of women who’ll be looking for one of those…

As a cool aside, the photo of this bag was taken with an iPhone… not one owned by me mind you.

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