Whatever you do today please, vote.

No matter where you are, what your day looks like, or who you intend to vote for, I hope you’ll take the time today to vote.

If you’ve left it all to the last minute and your not sure where the polling booths in your riding are – check out this page on the Elections Canada website. You can search by postal code.

Makes it easy.


Also, for those who care, did a little upgrading of the blog over the weekend. Some new stuff under the hood that you won’t notice but also some cool stuff for your browsing pleasure. Among those things that are visible:

  • New section on the sidebar tracks my most popular posts (obvious winner here – Firefox pledge map – pledges as a % of population was slashdotted and before my server crumpled into a crying lump of clay it logged over 20,000 hits in 24 hours)
  • After clicking on a specific post a new sidebar will feature lists three posts that may be of interest
  • For non-Canadian techies interested in my writing on open-source but not much else, there is now a special open source subject specific RSS feed

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