eaves.ca friends across the media spectrum

A number of friends are publishing pieces, appearing on TV and are being interviewed. Here’s a shout out:

First up, Matteo Legrenzi fellow Antonian and now assistant professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs of the University of Ottawa. Matteo wrote this piece in the Edmonton Journal in which he tries to bring some realism to Canada’s role in the middle east.

You can also catch Matteo on the little screen here where he shares his insights on the impact of oil prices on middle east politics and the canadian economy.

Second up, Erin Baines has teamed up with Stephanie Nolen of the Globe and Mail to write “The Making of a Monster” about the history of Dominic Ongwen – a member of the Lord Resistance Army who has been indicted for seven counts of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. The dilemma is that Ongewn was himself abducted and made a child soldier. So to what degree is Ongewn a product of terrible circumstances beyond his control, and what should that mean for his prosecution?

Finally, in a change of pace, Kate Dugas shares the now legendary story of her divorce on page 116 of the November issue of Flare magazine. Legendary people. Legendary. (I’d link to it… but apparently Flare doesn’t believe in online content – I suggest trying your local dentist office in 2 months).

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