Federal Leaders on the run…

In early December – as a result of the mess that was the first Conservative budget and the proposed coalition – I proposed that all the federal leaders, save Duceppe, would be out of their jobs within a year. We’ve already lost Dion… that just leaves Harper and Layton. In both cases things are look like they are proceeding apace: Harpers’ office is in disarray with senior people leaving, and Layton’s numbers have tanked.

Some highlights from the pieces…

What does all this mean? Search me. But some who orbit just outside Mr. Harper’s innermost circle speculate that a Conservative party with no heir apparent could lose its leader before the next election.

Layton was seen positively by 37 per cent and negatively by 49 per cent of respondents, almost a complete reversal since the closing days of the election campaign when the NDP leader was the most favourably viewed national leader.

I suspect that Mulcair and a host of Conservatives are at least beginning to feel out the possibility of a leadership bid.

Not persudaded? I understand completely, but perhaps you could be tempted into placing a friendly wager. Just to keep things intersesting of course…

10 thoughts on “Federal Leaders on the run…

  1. anonymous

    Layton really misread the situation by appearing ready to vote against the budget no matter what and then coming out with attack ads on Ignatieff. However, he is a very experienced politician and is probably now ready to change course again. I see he signed a letter with the Liberals and Bloc and Khadr. So, Layton will adapt and move as needed. On the other hand, Harper is twisting himself into pretzels and his days are likely numbered. Whether that is before the next election though is not certain as an election could come as early as 3 or 4 months from now or it could be a year.

  2. janfromthebruce

    Layton is done going no where. I'm sure that Robert will pick up on your bet. Dion was going to be gone no matter what and was a drag on the coalition. Too bad Iggy thought it more important to finish writing a book – ego – rather than getting out there and working the coalition. But power grabbers are all the same. I notice that the NDP numbers overall aren't down. It looks like the right of center liberals are picking up supporters from cons. That about fits.

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  4. david_a_eaves

    Robert, love the confidence. You're on. Thanks for making this fun – I'm sure our readers will have still more fun, laughing at us… :)

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