Surviving in a changing, networked world (part 2)

Two weeks ago I wrote this post, about how it is getting harder and harder to know what are the right paths, the right way points or even the right destinations in life…

Here’s a video that reminded me why it is all so exciting and scary at the same time.

Long live the third curse for we live in interesting times! (Remind me again why I seem to be pursuing curse one and two?)

1 thought on “Surviving in a changing, networked world (part 2)

  1. Sean Stiller

    Quite a fascinating presentation! It's a bit bizarre to think about the sheer enormity of these things when you're in the middle of them all. The comment on the economy I thought was particularly fascinating. As a small business owner in Vancouver I've noticed a pretty massive boom in the freelance + small business sector, and for the most part I think it's fairly exciting. It'd be nice quite frankly to see a few big businesses fail and many entrepreneurs be forced out of necessity to pick-up the slack.

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