Crowdsourcing Application to Stay Cool in Vancouver

My friend and open city collaborator Tim Wilson has come up with a genius idea for citizens of Vancouver to beat the heat. He’s asking everyone to help map all the free water fountains in the city as well as public air conditioned spaces.

To do this he’s created a public google map that anyone can edit – just on the aforementioned link and then on the “edit” button in the top right hand corner of the text box and in the map box editing tools will be made available to you.

With this map on your iphone and computer you can be sure to know where the closest cooling off point or free water fountain is. Anyone can add to the map and join the goal of helping Vancouverites stay cool, stay hydrated and healthy, and limit the waste created by disposable bottles. Please add to the map!

2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing Application to Stay Cool in Vancouver

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  2. hummingbird604

    This is a great idea, David (and Tim). Kudos for the implementation. Two things:1) It'd also be good to map out the existing fountains which don't work. I sent you a tweet informing you of a water fountain on 3rd and Commercial. Ooops. It's not working :(2) I'd be delighted to tie this with the ongoing conversation and my upcoming research project on the cultural perceptions of drinking water in the Lower Mainland. One of the points my readers have made was the apparent lack of drinking water fountains in Vancouver. Your tool helps dispel this myth.

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