Beautiful Wepages

For those not in the know the Webby Award nominations – probably the most important award for a website – were released a couple of weeks ago and voting, which does influence the outcome, will be closing soon.

If you haven’t voted yet I’d strongly urge you to head over to the website, check out the nominees, and vote. There are A LOT of categories so it can be a little overwhelming. That said, in the “Activism” section I am backing a horse and hope you’ll consider voting for them. My favourite – for both design and message – is the Stemcell Foundation’s “Renew The World” website by Manifest Communications.

Here’s a sample of the video off the website. In addition to voting, consider heading over to the site and sign the Stemcell Charter.

That said, if you like another website, vote for it! The Webby award webpage is filled with links to beautiful website and so poke around and get a sense of what is out there and what people think makes for a great site. Lots to learn.

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