Sunlight Foundation and the International OpenData Hackathon

Building on the post from earlier today…

For those running or participating in the International Open Data hackathon this weekend who are still looking for ideas to hack on the Sunlight Foundation have a number of applications that are open source and could be “localized” to meet local needs.

The always awesome Eric Mill shared some of this promising candidate:

The “Congress” app for Android

The “Congress” app for Android has been very successful (>350K downloads) and, of course, is open source, so the code can be found here.

What’s required to “localize it”

a) Some translating (something non-developers could do)

b) identifying local data sources (something non-developers could do)

c) likely some restructuring to deal with that particular countries’ legislative structure.

Eric posted some information about it on the Sunlight Foundation’s blog here and the source code is open at Github. There is no documentation yet (although this could be another project for Saturday), but Eric is keen to work with any groups who want to work on it.

Two other projects include: to which the source code can be found on Github here. not sure if the source code is available, but a good amount of interesting information can be found on the about page. My sense is that this project will be much more challenging…

Hope these inspire some good thoughts.

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