Oh, the hypocrisy… Oilsands, EthicalOil.org and Foreign Funding

Wow. Talk about the hypocrisy. So EthicalOil.org which has been leading the charge about how foreign money is influencing environmental groups and the regulatory process. But… apparently it refuses to disclose its donor list.

The double truths get better. While they state on their website they only receive money from Canadian and Canadian companies they won’t reveal if any of those Canadian companies are owned by foreign entities.

From the New York Times:

While most Canadian environmental groups are charities and must disclose the major sources of their funds, Ethical Oil does not. Ms. Marshall said that the group accepted money from only Canadians and Canadian companies, although she declined to directly say if that included Canadian corporations controlled by foreign entities. Many of the large energy companies active in the oil sands are foreign-owned or -controlled.

So just to be clear: If an American or Chinese multinational funnels money through its Canadian subsidiary into ethicaloil.org that is okay. But if a US foundation gives money to a Canadian environmental non-profit, that’s foreign meddling?

Someone needs to talk to Minister Joe Oliver. If ethicaloil is going to be shaping government talking points and policy (Alykhan Velshi who helped run ethicaloil.org now works in the Prime Minister’s office) then it appears “foreign money” infiltrating the process than he already believed!

Let’s have a full debate about the pipeline – as someone who wants to learn more about it I’d like the process to be as open, participatory and transparent as possible.

3 thoughts on “Oh, the hypocrisy… Oilsands, EthicalOil.org and Foreign Funding

  1. Email12stella

    From: Stella web host :  CitizensforEnvironmentalHealth.com
    Clearly, Oliver,  Canada’s  Minister of Natural Resources’ attack on Canadians who think differently than the Conservative party proves a very troubling picture.
    What this suggests is that we are moving closer towards being isolated as Canadians by a government bent on industry no matter what the cost. What Oliver did was to wildly distract the population from the real issus. Acting   paranoid
    and unprincipled  is but a detraction from the media coverage of the real consequences of the failure of democracy, the failure of this Conservative Government to take fundamental steps to examine this 5.5 billion dollar potential disaster. Blaming foreign interest for brainwashng environmentalists is as silly as Bill C10.
    Ironically,  yesterday international news reported another person who
    also blamed ” foreign influence” for the demonic situation in his country.
    Who? Syrian President.
     Recently, there have been 132 serious oil spills in Canada. Twelve of these have had extremely disasterous consequences. Think about it the Rainbow spill , Alberta, the 28000 barrels of deadly toxic oil  seeping still..Yes. This horror is still being cleaned up today.  Wer jobs created..Oh! Yes. At what cost? 
      Canadians who see the real risks and who challenge this Minister Oil,,Oliver’s “tax revenue agenda”, we  who see the world’s worse environmental disaster, the Alberta  tar sands as troublng, we also see the 1.172 pipe line , huge super tankers seeping oil along beautiful B.C,, I believe we are right in seeing this pipeline as another backward step. Clearly, what will probably result will be a very disasterous and ” unethical oil”  attack on our country’s real wealth. Given the dangers,  we deserve to be heard and above all we deserve respect.
    Cutting off non profit status of Environmental organizations is wrong!

    Less than 10% of Environmental funding comes from foreign support. Climate Change is a global issue. Shameful willful blindness by our government prevents us from taking steps today to avoid the disaster that will happen in the future. We should be very worried with the way we are going with the Conservative Government.
     We all know that our federal government lobbies world wide for BIG OIL. Bllions are contributed. So, China gets cheap dirty oil, India gets asbestos.
    Environmentalists get tainted as extreme raddicals..Then, there is Ethical Oil, shamful in deceiptively hiding the source of its millions…
     Those informed Canadians who are rightfully worried, who stand strong
    opposed to Big Oil owning and controlling our country, we, who feel the price of a disaster along the B.C. coast, who worry that this cost, as well as other costs to natives and wildlif, we stand on the side of Canada. We need to have our voice heard. Our children need to know that our voice was heard and that we made a difference!
     Having our own B.P. spill from supertankeers heading for China is a nightmare we can see happening with this controversial project.

    We have more to lose than to gain. Canadians know the result will be not worth the billions in revenue which will be going primarily to USA.
    Enbridge like so called Ethical Oil ..raise serious issues. Canadian being condemned by Minister Oliver, being demeaned for caring for our country, Canadians who as a result of their concerns being visciously attacked by any elected official is very troubling indeed! There seems to be no end to carbon emissions except for the end itself. We can stop this runaway train. With the present government Canada is shamed. We are still going backwards and unfortunately we have a government that is blind folded by big bucks..big oil telling us to accept the fate that sadly awaits our childdren.
    Thank you.
    Stella http://www.citizensfeh.com


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