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As some of you may remember, the other week I suggested that on its one year anniversary we hack – specifically, that people share what data sets they find most interesting on the website, especially as it is hard to search it.

Initially I’d uploaded a list of all the data sets on the catalog to buzzdata. However the other day the administrators added a data set that is a list of all the data sets available on the site (meta, I know). This new list is, apparently, an even more robust and up to date list than the one I shared earlier and is available in both official languages.

If you do end up finding data you think is particularly interesting, creating a list of your favourite data sets, doing a mash up or visualization or (most ambitiously) creating a better way to search please send me your results, a link, or at least an email. I’ll be posting what I find interesting tonight or tomorrow morning and would love to link to anything anyone else has done too!


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