Posts on Open Source Community Management

For those stopping by my page because of my OSCON keynote here are some links on community management that might be of interest:

Structurelessness, feminism and open: what open advocates can learn from second wave feminists (this is in part about why open source communities are not pure meritocracies).

Developing Community Management Metrics and Tools for Mozilla (using data to better understand participation)

Community Management as Open Source’s Core Competency (an oldie, but still some good stuff in here)

Wiki’s and Open Source: Collaborative or Cooperative? (on why open source works, in part because we are anti-collaborative)

Remixing Angie Byron to create the next Million Mozillians

How GitHub saved Open Source (okay, maybe not saved – but I do think it turbo charged innovation and breathed new life in OS by teaching us the fork is not a four letter word)

Design Matters: Looking at a Re-themed Bugzilla

Okay, I’ll stop there. I tried to include a little something for everyone – hopefully some stuff here will at times challenge readers, at times confirm their thinking and always be helpful.





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