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Software for frequent flyers

For those who fly too much (and I fly WAY too much) you may find this little utility handy.

Flying Fish is a free program that calculates the air miles one will accrue on any flight. For such a small piece of software (500K!) it is jam packed with features, however, its basic functionality remains wonderfully simple: just type in the airport codes (e.g YVR=Vancouver) for a trip involving anywhere from two to 10 cities you are traveling between and it will tell you the number of status miles you will earn. You can even search for Airport codes if you don’t know them.

For example, anyone looking at my sidebar travel can see that in September my itinerary looks like this:


Which, assuming I fly on Air Canada, United or US Airways will, according to Flying Fish, accrue me 13334 status miles (20001 airmiles once bonuses are factored in). Flying fish is great for learning if or when you’ll make status or to ensure that an airline is crediting you the miles you earn.

Is this a must have program? No. But it’s free and fun to play with and hey, I just felt its author, Ryan M. Yadsko, deserved the shout out.

As an aside, given how many times I’ve written about the evils of Air Canada some of you might be surprised to see how many miles a log with them. Well it is pretty much the only gig in town. But maybe that’s just an weak excuse. Richard D. believes I suffer from stockholm syndrom. I think he might be right. Yesterday, I got some more of those virtually worthless blue upgrade certificates and I still booked a flight on aircanada.ca…