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Friday laughs – Dulles doesn't strike and Graphs are funny

So a few weeks ago I blogged from Dulles International Airport where I’d missed my connection and transformed at four flight 36 hour journey into a four flight 42 hour journey.

This week Forbes published  the list of the 100 worst most time consuming airports and shockingly, Dulles does not make the top 10 (although it does squeak in at 15). Two things I’d like to point out though:

First, why does the list start at 100 and work its way down as opposed to starting at 1 (which should be the most time consuming) and work its way to 100 (least time consuming)? This feels all counter-intuitive and topsy turvey. I don’t think Forbes’ list of the 100 most wealthy people starts AT 100 and works its way down to the least wealthy (relatively speaking, of course) person being number 1. Just checked, it doesn’t.

Dulles Lunar BusesSecond, I challenge the survey’s methodology. My gripe about Dulles definitely isn’t covered – that being that at Dulles the only way to get from terminal to terminal is on these weird lunar buses (see photo to right). It makes getting around unpredictable and SLOW – especially when landing from an international flight. But poor infrastructure doesn’t factor in on the survey… so I believe Dulles isn’t getting the bad rap it deserves.

BTW I’m due back in DC on the 8th of July and am fortunately flying into Reagon National (DCA).

Oh, and Andrew Sullivan over at the Daily Dish got me on to this site that geeks will find hilarious. A few of my favourites: