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A Question of Treason

A few months ago some of you may remember a post I wrote about my grandfather’s involvement in the Gouzenko affair.

In 1946 – suspected of being a communist – Israel Halperin was held without charge for weeks by the RCMP and interrogated by judges who then wanted to use this information to build a case against him. This clear violation of Habeas Corpus – he was denied access to a lawyer – is a cautionary tale of how post 9-11 policies that placed some Canadians in legal limbo is neither unique nor unprecedented.

I only raise this again because the Queen’s Alumni Review has written the most detailed story to date about the incident (he was a professor at Queen’s at the time of his arrest) which can be found here.

Other than his obituary it is the first instance of the story being covered in over 50 years (as far as I know).