PublicVoice Interview on "Open," Government and Citizen Engagement

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Maclean’s columnist Scott Feschuk for on what the rise of “open” systems and the continuing evolution of information technology will mean for the future of both government and citizen engagement.

Cleverly, they’ve kept these videos nice and short – it’s all designed to be short and punchy. There will be five 1-3 minute videos in a all and so far the first two have been posted. You can see them here and here.

Sadly, the lighting isn’t all that flattering… consider yourself warned.

5 thoughts on “PublicVoice Interview on "Open," Government and Citizen Engagement

  1. Jacques Drolet

    You say culture is the blockage. To really move forward from where we stand before having damaged too much GEN “Y” we have to be a bit more precise. It is the culture of fear, and unfortunately much less of public punishment ( as you assume) but of our very own Upper Management. Fact is, instead of learning new tools to deal with that enormous power associated for example with the access to meta-information, we/they retrieve in panic to the only thing they know, i.e. control-based management or worst micro-management. Yet, other governments (Switzerland and to a lesser extent Germany and the UK) made the move toward participatory management to be able to deal with this “new world”, so the way is not unexplored. All I can say is courage, determination, and ethic are in high demand these days :-)

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