Who are you? (A little reader/twitter outreach)

question_markToday my feedburner dashboard informed me that I surpassed 400 subscribers (to my main feed). I’m now regularly getting over 600-700 hits a day and it moves into the 1000s about once every two weeks when I write on open source or the article gets slashdotted or retweeted by someone like Jay Rosen or Tim O’Reilly.

Recently a newspaper editor asked me if I knew who any these subcribers and readers are, why they read my blog and what they like/don’t like. I suddenly realized that while many of you know a bit about me, I know almost nothing about you.

Of course some of you may like it that way! Which is cool, no need to share… but for those who are inclined I thought I’d do a little outreach. If you have a second over the weekend please post a comment below and let me know who you are, why you come to eaves.ca, maybe what you like/don’t like about the site or what you’d like to see more/less of. No guarantees I can act on any of this, but I’d love to hear from you. Of course, often when I’ve solicited input in the past many of you have been more comfortable emailing me – feel free to do that instead, although a comment helps build a sense of community!

Hope to hear from some of you soon.

16 thoughts on “Who are you? (A little reader/twitter outreach)

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  2. Jason Birch

    I'm an IT guy with a geography/GIS bent, or maybe the other way around, and love what open data exchange using KML, GeoRSS, and GeoJSON has done and has the potential to do to the (Geo)Web. I'm interested in open data at the municipal level and, along with the rest of the team I work with, am attempting to encourage adoption locally.I wish I was coming to VanChangeCamp “tomorrow”, but if you're there say hi to my colleagues Chris and Jeff!Trivia: David's is one of the few blogs I follow where I have actually met the author.

  3. Devin Johnston

    I'm Devin. I'm originally from London, On and now living in Winnipeg, Mb where I'm a law student at Robson Hall. I'm very interested in politics, public policy, and public administration as well as tech, open source, citizen journalism, &c. I stop by here because this blog covers the overlap of a lot of things I'm in to. You are also a thoughtful, articulate, and persuasive writer. KUTGW.

  4. Jill

    Hi David,

    I work for the City of Vancouver’s Records and Archives Division and am keen to learn more about how the Open Source, Open Data, and Open Standards motion may change the City’s information management practices. While I’m new to your blog, I expect to be reading it fairly regularly in the future. I’m planning to attend the ChangeCamp tomorrow and am looking forward to your afternoon talk.


  5. NRF_Vancouver

    Hi DavidI have particular interest in politics and social issues and often focus on public ethics and justice. I value many Internet sources for gathering information and generally pay more attention to progressive voices. Much of what I was reading originated in the US or Britain so I began to search for Canadian websites that were interesting, topical and well written. Yours certainly qualifies.I've been inspired to open my own blog at http://northerninsights.blogspot.com/

  6. Jacques Drolet

    Hi David,I am a scientist,manager for Health Canada now. have been in several countries working for sustainable agriculture and ethical governance, whatever it may means.You are young, with a good mind and I would hate to see you go down. Keep on the good work!

  7. Tania

    Hi David,I met you through our mutual friend, Ginger, at the liberal convention in Montreal. I found your site via liblogs after that and subscribe to it, so it pops up on my google reader whenever you do a new post.And a bit of feedback, we do know what you do for work and your obvious passion for it, but I don't know if, through your website, we “know” you anymore than you “know” us. I don't think anyone's chosen or fallen into career accurately defines who they are.I used to work in the federal public service so I have an interest in what they think they're trying to change and how you hope to help but most times I think it's an exercise in futility.I now do some work for one of the provincial agencies now and I'm pleasantly surprised with how more open to change they are than the federal government.

  8. David Eaves

    HiI'm from the UK, Warrington in the north west of England. I work in the software industry. I have always been interested in politics, though I have never been more active other than to make sure I vote or sound off to anyone listening in the bar.However, thats not really why I subscribed, its for the for the simple reason I've never met anyone else called David Eaves.

  9. mastermaq

    Mack here from Edmonton, AB. I started reading you fairly recently. I'm a software developer, but also spend a fair amount of time blogging and tweeting about all things related to Edmonton. I try to do what I can to make it a more open city (and we had some success recently with the release of the GTFS data for Edmonton Transit). Enjoying your blog so far, thanks!

  10. @Cedgell

    I am a student-writer-editor-counsellor. I've worked in a vast array of fields (mostly communications or technology-related) in both the public and private sector. I'm an enthusiastic Ottawa ChangeCamper, and so unsurprisingly I enjoy your posts on open goverment. I also enjoy posts that include suggested reading material. Engaging with your readers this way is an excellent idea, because it is worth noting that a subscriber is not necessarily a reader — nor does a hit necessarily represent that someone has actually taken the time to read your content. I speak of course from a web writing and blog optimization perspective. Depending on the length and formatting of your text on any given day, your average invested visitor (i.e. one that came with an interest to read) may only skim or actually read about 25% of your content. In any case, that is all to say that I think it is an excellent move on your part to determine what kind of content your readers find most useful and interesting. Keep up the good work. Regards,Chelsea

  11. Facebook User

    I am a web developer for the Dept of Public Works and Govt Services. My team fights overtly and covertly for openness in the workplace.- Lois

  12. kferaday

    I'm Kim Feraday. I have worked mostly for Canadian tech startups including Delrina (acquired by Symantec) and DWL (acquired by IBM). My current interest is in social media analytics.

  13. Frank Hecker

    David knows me, but for the benefit of others: I'm US-based, work for the Mozilla Foundation, and am interested in many of the things David writes about. (I don't have an intense interest in Canadian politics and government, but it's definitely as a break from the usually navel-gazing of Americans.)

  14. Jill

    I work as an archivist and records manager for a Canadian municipality, and I'm interested in the work that David and his colleagues are doing to advocate for the use of open source software and open standards by government. One of the chief challenges facing archivists today is the preservation of electronic records, and non-proprietary, open file formats, along with open source software for reading them, are among our best tools. We need to collaborate with our organizations' IT departments to manage our digital archives, and if they are already familiar with some of the types of tools we need to use, so much the better.

  15. @rlavigne42

    Rob here from Toronto. Typically can be found in an IT Development Management/Director role, but currently benefiting from the time the economy has given me to catch up on a lot of tech and management theory. Just recently came across your blog and hooked already.RL42

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