Eaves.ca Blogging Moment #3 (2009 Edition): Australia Likes eaves.ca

Back in 2007 I published a list of top ten blogging moments – times I felt blogging resulted in something fun or interesting. I got numerous notes from friends who found it fun to read (though some were not fans) so I’m giving it another go. Even without these moments it has been rewarding, but it is nice to reflect on them to understand why spending so many hours, often late at night, trying to post 4 times a week can give you something back that no paycheck can offer. Moreover, this is a chance to celebrate some good fortune and link to people who’ve made this project a little more fun. So here we go…

Eaves.ca Blogging Moment #3 (2009 Edition): Australia Likes eaves.ca

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the year was an email from the chair of the Australian Government’s Government 2.0 Taskforce asking me if I would sit on their International Reference Group.

Fascinating to see a government wrestle with how it can reinvent itself and to ask for thoughts and ideas. I hope my own country contemplates doing something along similar lines soon. Also exciting to be able to help review and edit the final report, offer advice and feedback and better understand the challenges and opportunities as their government sees them.

You can download the report here. It is a great read.

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