Eaves.ca Blogging Moment #4 (2009 Edition): App Wishes do Come True

Back in 2007 I published a list of top ten blogging moments – times I felt blogging resulted in something fun or interesting. I got numerous notes from friends who found it fun to read (though some were not fans) so I’m giving it another go. Even without these moments it has been rewarding, but it is nice to reflect on them to understand why spending so many hours, often late at night, trying to post 4 times a week can give you something back that no paycheck can offer. Moreover, this is a chance to celebrate some good fortune and link to people who’ve made this project a little more fun. So here we go…

Eaves.ca Blogging Moment #4 (2009 Edition): App Wishes Do Come True

In late June I blogged about how Open Data could make garbage collection sexier (or at least easier) and in September I shared a list of applications that could be created using open municipal data that I thought citizens might find useful.

As a result:

Steve T. created an app for firefox that allows people to use Amazon to search the Vancouver Public Library (this is quite cool).

Also, Luke C and Kevin J, two amazing local coders, made the garbage notification idea a reality by creating Vantrash (and are generous enough to invite me to join in their fun and try to help in some small ways).

Three things then happen:

  1. 100s of citizens download Vantrash’s calendars and/or sign up for email/twitter updates. Many lives made a little easier
  2. The media begins to take interest: Spark (on CBC) asks for an interview, as do some local newspapers, including most recently, the Vancouver Courier (which has a great interview with Luke)
  3. I gain two great new friends who are genuine good citizens.

Hurray again for the internet. Good ideas can come to life if you share.

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