Beyond Property Rights: Thinking About Moral Definitions of Openness

“The more you move to the right the more radical you are. Because everywhere on the left you actually have to educate people about the law, which is currently unfair to the user, before you even introduce them to the alternatives. You aren’t even challenging the injustice in the law! On the right you are operating at a level that is liberated from identity and accountability. You are hacking identity.” – Sunil Abraham

I have a new piece up on TechPresident titled: Beyond Property Rights: Thinking About Moral Definitions of Openness.

This piece, as the really fun map I recreated is based on a conversation with Sunil Abraham (@sunil_abraham), the Executive Director of the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore.

If you find this map interesting… check the piece out here.

map of open


2 thoughts on “Beyond Property Rights: Thinking About Moral Definitions of Openness

    1. David Eaves Post author

      David – I can’t believe I didn’t include them. I suspect that they overlap with journalists, or at least with the extreme right side of the journalist camp. What is interesting about them is that they are a vehicle for providing anonymity to a leaker but so that secret documents can be attributed to their authoring organization.
      Definitely under the “Ignore Property Rights” part (when moral rights demand it). I’m not familiar enough with wikileaks politics but my sense is they don’t believe in republishing copyrighted material that doesn’t serve a social justice/transparency cause.


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