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Awesome Interactions: More on my Mozilla Summit 2010 Ignite Talk

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of being at the Mozilla Summit.

This is a gathering of about 650ish people from innumerable countries around the world to talk about Mozilla, the future of the open web, the various Mozilla products (such as Firefox and Thunderbird). As Mozilla is a distributed community of thousands of people from around the world and the summit only takes place every two years, it as one participant memorably put it, “an opportunity to engage in two years of pent up water cooler talk.”

As a follow up for the summit I’ve two things I wanted to share.

First, for those who enjoyed my Ignite talk on community management entitled Making the Army of Awesome More Awesome I’ve uploaded my slides to slideshare. (Not the most flattering picture of me giving the talk, but the only one I could find on flickr…)

I’m hoping, once the summit organizers have taken a much deserved break, to get video and audio of the presentation and I’ll create slidecast and post it to this blog.

Also, if you found the talk engaging, there is a longer version of that talk where I dive a little deeper into some of the theory I mention at the end. It is a talk David Humphrey kindly asked me to give back at FSOSS a few yeas ago called Community Management: Open Source’s Core Competency.

Second, both in my talk and during the incredible time I had speaking with a number of people in the Mozilla community I brainstormed a ton of ideas. I’m committed to documenting those and sharing them. Here’s a list of some of them, in the coming week I hope to blog on each, and ideally all of these.

1. Improve the link between Bugzilla and SUMO

2. Auto-generate help topics in the Help pull down menu

3. Ask people when they download Firefox or Thunderbird if they’ll volunteer to do bug confirmation

4. Add “Newbie” to new Bugzilla registers

5. Add “ESL” (English as a second language) to Bugzilla accounts that request it

6. Rethinking data.mozilla.org and fostering a research community

7. Segment Bugzilla submitters into groups that might be engaged differently

8. Reboot Diederik Van Liere’s jet pack add-on that predicts bug patch success

8b. Add on a crowdsourcing app to call out negative language or behaviour

9. Retool questions asked in Bugzilla to “nudge” users to better responses

10. Develop an inquire, paraphrase, acknowledge and advocate crowdsourcing identfier jet pack add on for bugzilla

11. plus more, but lets start with these…