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How bloggers can keep the internet healthy

I’m continuously trying to brainstorming ways that Mozilla can find the next million mozillians and figure out activities they can do. I think I’ve stumbled on to a new one but would need some help to make it happen.

As some of you may know, as part of Mozilla Service Week Mozillians around the world donated their time and helped perform numerous Internet Health Checks. The goal here is to help people migrate off of Internet Explorer 6 (which is vulnerable to attacks and therefor makes the web less safe).

In my case, I’d already helped move pretty much anyone I know who uses IE 6 to something newer and better. What I need is a way to help prod people I don’t know.

What I thought might be interesting is if someone could build a blogger & wordpress plugin. This plug would ascertain what browser a visitor to your blog is using and… if they are using IE6… then the blog widget would let the reader know that the author of the blog strongly encourages them to upgrade to IE8, Firefox, Safari or really anything newer and safer. With this (hopefully relatively simple plug-in) Mozilla can engage the blogging community, enable people to help advocate for a safer internet and, most importantly, encourage still more IE6 users to move to something newer and safer.

Yes, it isn’t the be all and end all, but its another small idea that allows another group of people to contribute is an easy, but tangible and important way. That said, if this widget can’t be created, or if there is something easier/better that can be done, please, send me an email or comment below!

on why wp-email, and its creator Lester, rock

Emailing posts is now available on my site! Hurray!

The real hurray, however, goes to Lester “GaMerZ” Chan, creator the cool plugin (among several others) that makes this possible. It is also served as an excellent reminder of why I love the internet. Brief story:

Last week I tried to add wp-email to my wordpress blog. I successfully installed the software, but there was no link that users could click on to email a post. After troubleshooting for a few hours I decided, on a lark, to email the creator of the software.

Within no time Lester emailed me back and we began troubleshooting the problem. Actually, when I say “we”, I really mean “him.” Or, to put it another way, if my blog were a car, I essentially popped the trunk, held the flashlight and supplied the odd workman-like grunt. My hands almost definitely did not get greasy. (For those who are curious and technically inclinded, something unique about my theme was the source problem).

Needless to say, I’m very grateful for the help… it’s a level of service I’ve never recieved before on software. Frankly the whole experience has left me somewhat dizzy with excitment and gratitude. If you are looking for cool PHP plugins for your blog definitely check out his page.

Thank you Lester.

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