too many good restaurants… must try all…

If Vancouver has anything it is a plethora of good, affordable restaurants. For those who’ve never been to the city, it’s one of its charms… Having only just returned from a 10 year hiatus I’m doing my best to track down and check out the best places. This weekend I finally went to Vij’s, one of the city’s most celebrated hangouts.

The one thing you should know about Vij’s is that you can’t make a reservation, which means you should be prepared for an hour and half wait. But that’s okay, cause they have a great space where you can hang out, sip on drinks and eat the free appetizers that are floating around.

More importantly, it was worth the wait. The food was excellent but the best part is the warm atmosphere created, in large part, by the presence of the restaurant’s namesake and owner, Vikram, who runs around checking in on guests, offering advice and generally being a gracious host. Indeed, Vikram provided one of the evenings highlight moments. After being asked if he would open a sister restaurant in North Van he responded: ‘More is not necessarily better. At this size I can ensure the quality of my food. More importantly, I couldn’t call another location Vij’s. If I’d called my restaurant Taj Mahal or Indian Spice, then it would be okay if I wasn’t there. But since I named it Vij’s people know I will be here – ready to take care of them.’

Pretty much sums up the whole experience – while also maybe taking a little dig at Feenie’s?

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