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On Google Maps, In Seattle, Talking up Health Canada

Exciting and fun news today… Google Maps blog announced that Vancouver has became the first Canadian city to add local experts to the Favorite Places on Google Maps. The site shares some of the favourite places of:

Bif Naked (map) – rock singer-songwriter, breast-cancer survivor
Gordon Campbell (map) – Premier of British Columbia
Kit Pearson (map) – children’s book writer, Governor General’s Award winner
Monte Clark (map) – owner of Monte Clark Gallery
Rebecca Bollwitt (map) – Vancouver’s Best Blogger & Top Twitter User for Miss604.com
Rob Feenie (map) – Food Concept Architect for Cactus Restaurants, Iron Chef champion
Ross Rebagliati (map) – Olympic Gold Medallist, snowboarding
Simon Whitfield (map) – Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, triathlon

and… me! (My map can be found here).

The people at Google asked me for 10 locations and to have a mix of places I like to go as well as places that relate to my work and advocacy around public policy, technology and open government. Very excited to be included and want to thank the people at Google for thinking of including me.

Speaking of public policy and open government, yesterday I drove down to Seattle for a couple of hours to present to their City Council on open data and open government. You can see the presentation here, on the City of Seattle website. Seattle is definitely beginning to look more and more seriously at this issue, especially with the arrival of the new mayor and the leadership of some strong city council members. If you’re in Seattle and feeling passionate about this issue try linking up with following Jon Stahl (his blog) and Brett Horvath on twitter.

Finally, had a great time delivering my talk on The Future of the Public Service to a meeting of Middle Managers of Health Canada’s BC region. Lots of great feedback and conversations after the talk and in the hallways. Many of the ideas shared in this talk are also due to be published in a chapter in O’Reilly Media’s upcoming book on Open Government – very excited about this and will share more about it soon!

Anyway – this is all to say, sorry, no hard core policy or political blog post today…

eaves.ca Around the Web

In the past couple of weeks I’ve done a few interviews and been cited in a few articles. Don’t want to dwell on these so thought I’d just bundle them into one quick post.

First up, eaves.ca held its position as the 5th highest ranked political blog in Canada. While the methodology of the ranking system is probably not perfect and I doubt that I generate the 5th most web traffic in the country it is still nice to be ranked so well.

On August 3rd Michael Geist published ‘Crowdsourcing’ puts many extra hands to work in his regular column. In it he cites my work in Vancouver around open data and the upcoming release of a garbage reminder service I blogged about as examples (more on the Garbage reminder service soon).

Speaking of open data, on August 2nd Cloud of Data podcaster Paul Miller released an interview with me on Vancouver’s Open Motion and the future of open data in government. (Also available here.)

More locally, Jeffrey Simpson ran a piece on August 6th entitled Open Web advocates say social media needs reform in the Georgia Straight where Zak Greant, Mark Surman and I comment on privacy and data ownership in social networks.

Finally, Steve Anderson, the man running the saveournet.ca campaign to preserve internet neutrality in Canada penned these important pieces on the current CRTC hearings and process around the future of the internet regulation in Canada.

Also, a number of my posts have been ending up in themarknews.com a website I recommend checking out…

Upcoming talks

Starting next week things are going to get busy for a few days. I’ve a number of upcoming talks and would be interested in feedback, stories, ideas for any and/or all of them.

Future of the Public Service: I will be doing a series of lectures/seminars on the future of the public service for Health Canada in Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and possibly Montreal or Toronto in mid-march. I’ve got a number of ideas and themes I intend to talk on – technology, generational change, and open source – but am of course always looking for others.

If you have a story or an article suggestion please do pass them along. Personal stories of frustration and angst, or conversely success and empowerment, in the public service are always deeply appreciated.

US NOW panel:  I’ll be part of a panel discussion at a screening of Us Now, a documentary that tells the stories of online networks that are challenging the existing notion of hierarchy.

When: FEB 20th 2009 — 7pm
Where: SFU Harbour Centre — Room 1900
You can register (for free!) here.

Northern Voice: Finally, I’ll be doing a presentation with Rebecca Bollwitt on Dealing with angry comments, Trolls, Spammers, and Sock Puppets at this year’s Northern Voice.

Northern Voice is a two-day, non-profit personal blogging and social media conference held annually in Vancouver.

When: February 20th and 21st
Where: Forestry Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall, UBC main campus
You can register for Northern Voice here.

Thoughts, ideas, articles and other inspirations on any or all of these are always welcome!

What? No op-eds?

So, some of you may have noticed that it’s been a bit since Taylor and/or I have published an op-ed. There is a good reason for this. You can read all about it here.

It is a piece we’ve been wanting to write for quite some time – it is nice to finally have found a home for it. Yesterday we shipped off the final draft to the wonderful people at the LRC who – along with a few of our friends – have been very supportive and helpful.

Obviously when the LRC publishes its September edition and the piece is out I’ll publish a link.