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on snow

From an im message I sent this morning:  my views on snow. I think it encapsulates Vancouverites position on the issue:

Snow should be like grandchildren. Fun, playful and always a car ride away.

I supposed given my age, I should say snow should be like nieces and nephews…

You can ignore eaves.ca today. It is going to be nothing my mindless fun. Not that it matters much, the hit counter is way down, which is as it should be on Christmas Eve.

Sean Yo just sent me a link of Merb and ruby merging. Hoping to blog about it shortly.

West vs. East

So I’m in Toronto for 24 hours of meetings. I love Toronto, lots of excitement and energy in this town which is why I love coming here so much (trust me when I say I’m putting my Vancouverite cred at risk for saying this publicly).

That said, I landed and it was raining. Odd, I’m always getting mocked out east for having weather like this at home…

So, with a bit of a wry smile, I’ll admit I did get just the tiniest bit of enjoyment reading this piece.

Especially when, out in Vancouver, we are enjoying weather like this.

Come out west, we’ve got a hot patio with some cool beers waiting for you.